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Fun at Holly Cottage

Fun at Holly Cottage

By on Mar 18, 2015 in House Sitting, Norwich, Work and travel | 0 comments


While I’ve been here at Holly Cottage I have had so much fun doing all these exciting things like.

 playing fetch with the dogs even though they don’t bring the stick back its still funny watching the 2 dogs tackle over it mayble a staffy and Molly a big fluffy dog that I don’t know the breed of.

Ooh and meeting spencer (one of the horse keepers son) and making friends with someone from another country is really fascinating learning how different our lives are, and he’s actually a really cool guy.

I feel like places like holly cottage are just really fun places because even herding the chickens is fun.

One the things Seb and I found out is that riding wheel barrows are really fun!

And guess what there are so many other fantastic things that I got to do in the time that I was here, it was well worth looking after the animals and the house, and I am so glad that we get to go back and do it all again.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks weekly blog post I also  hope you enjoyed finding out how much fun I had at holly cottage.


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