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Four important insights about travelling

Four important insights about travelling

By on Jan 6, 2015 in Family, Life Hacking, Life Lessons, Travel experiences | 6 comments


Our journey started  7 months ago to work, travel, live and learn as we visit 12 or more countries around the world. Today we are midway though our seventh foreign country with a little under 12 months to go. Tomorrow we will travel into Paris again and do the “tourist” thing for a few hours. Being a tourist is one of the thing that seems to stay fairly similar from place to place. Tourist attractions operate pretty much the same all around the world.

We still shop in supermarkets to buy our food and more often than not prepare food where we stay and eat as we would at home. But every few weeks and sometimes more often we are in a different place. Which means a different bed to sleep in, a different bathrooms to use. Hundreds of different words and possibly as many different people to meet. So heres four insights about traveling and being a traveller.

Be comfortably with change

As I’ve already mentioned in “Travelling taught us to be comfortably with change”  The vast majority of people live within 20km of their birth place and apart from a few days a year sleep in the same bed, use the same bathroom and eat in the same places. But when you travel things change continuously. To travel for a long time you have to be comfortable with change. After 7 months we now know if things seem familiar it’s time to move on or we loose the Timelessness of Travel.

Everyone wants to live a happy life.

We don’t worry overly about our physical safety.  For one simple reason.  The majority of people want to live a happy life. Living a happy life in all cultures and religions is about loving and nurturing, teaching and learning. People in general have empathy and sympathy before violence and hatred. Especially in their home land where things are familiar and safe for them. People prefer to ignore you before helping, depending upon their level of apathy and very very few are aggressive unless provoked. So don’t be afraid to travel for fear of other people. There is very few out there looking to hurt you.

Don’t believe travel hype.

Of course we have all heard the horror stories and yes they do occur but how likely are they? Is the chance any greater than being involved in a road accident. We have been told about people being robbed while traveling, loosing money and even being killed. But the possibility of those things happening is equally as likely during your Christmas holidays at home as it is traveling to another country. Sure you still need to be careful to understand the rules and dangers in other countries. But mostly you should do the same things you do at home to keep yourself safe. Your home town is just as dangerous as the majority of similar towns overseas.

The other thing about these horror stories is just that, they are horror stories. All stories are an embellishment of the facts, designed to make the story more attractive. Remember the last time you told someone about yourself was it 100% factual without any embellishment or dramatic license?  We have found that first hand stories are closest to the truth but once they are passed on the facts become ideas around which a story is woven. Facts are included, embellished or excluded at the story tellers whim.

For example there’s many things we believed before we started traveling. Believed them because we listened to stories in the media and stories told by well wishing soles trying to keep us safe. But so far we haven’t seen any evidence to support these stories. Leading us to conclude that most stories are either untrue or so rare as to be statistically unlikely.

So don’t believe what you hear its mostly hype. Don’t let these stories prevent you from traveling. Travel to find out what is really happening it not as dangerous as people tell you.

Home is where the heart is

To avoid home sickness take your family with you.
Previously when traveling or living away from home, I’d get home sick. I mistakenly thought that the family property, spectacular scenery and my childhood memories formed that bond with Tasmanian but now I realise it was loved ones that kept me coming back. I missed the people and animals not the place. This time is different, the pets are being looked after the property is rented. Michelle and the Children are always close by so I feel at home where ever we are.


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  1. avatar

    “a little under 12 months to go”

    when are you thinking of coming back to Tassie?

    • avatar

      Simon says never and the kids say December 2015 🙂

  2. avatar

    Ah but you miss me don’t you Simon? 🙂 🙂

  3. avatar

    A very thoughtful post today, Simon. I’m really enjoying following your travels and am pleased to revisit some of your destinations like The Louvre and Paris in general. Am wondering if you’re still managing to do any “work” as mentioned in your original plan or have you readjusted your goals?
    Regards to all.

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    Just want to let you and all your family know that you are in our thoughts while you are in France. As they say here in Australia, ” Be alert.” May God keep you safe and well.

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