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Fitness on the Road

Fitness on the Road

By on Feb 24, 2014 in Health, Travel fitness | 0 comments


Travel has its challenges but one thing we spend some time working on is managing our fitness. Fitness is essential to getting the most out of everything your doing and travel is no exception. But how can you stay fit on the road?

Firstly, fitness levels start to drop after a week so dropping your fitness routine to travel is a short term option. If your traveling for more than a few day you should plan to exercise while on the road.

When I travelled as a younger man I’d often head for the hotel gym or pool. However doing this meant I’d only see the inside of the hotel and only meet hotel guests and staff.


These days Michelle and I go for a run. Mostly early in the morning while the streets and locals are quite. Morning are the best time for sight seeing. The crowds are smaller. The roads less chaotic and the people so engrossed in their everyday chores that a couple of foreigners jogging past is a novelty only and not a business opportunity.

We run light, just our essential, iPhones and a little cash in a running belt under our shirts and perhaps a room key. Shoes shorts and other cloths suitable for the conditions.

Why not try it yourself.

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