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Enough of the sugar already…

Enough of the sugar already…

By on Oct 8, 2014 in Travel and food | 0 comments


Finding food without sugar here in Lombok is not very easy. Our friend and massive ‘no fructose’ advocate Gary Fettke would have a fit trying to eat here, especially if you can’t cook for your self…

Lets start with breakfast – how about a bowl of nasi goreng?  Its actually very yummy and doesn’t have too much sugar, except the Kecap Manis (a sweet thick soy sauce) that its cooked with and you’re encouraged to add more later along with sweet chilli..  Then you have the drinks that are available with your breakfast – many types of fruit juices, mostly made of reconstituted fruit and heaps of sugar, the usual fizzy drinks and if you order tea or coffee a bucket load of sugar is added before it gets to your table.  So, I started resorting to water or an orange juice which didn’t have quite as much sugar.

Lunch is a very similar situation if we eat out – although we’ve started trying a few other meals with less sugar like soup and chicken with vegetables, but the choice of drinks is still packed with sugar.  If you decide you’d like a snack be prepared to taste sugar even in the ‘salty’ crisps.  Today I ordered an iced coffee – I almost couldn’t drink it because it was so sweet !

You will also find pre-packed donuts and other sweet bakery items in most small stores.  Oddly we’ve found locating a great supply of good, not over priced chocolate a rather difficult task – but we keep trying 🙂

In saying all this, we are enjoying the food here in Lombok, in fact the food we had at the night market on Gili Trawangan was some of the best food we’ve eaten!  We just wish in general there was less sugar in everything…

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