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EID A-Ahad

EID A-Ahad

By on Oct 9, 2014 in Favourite travel moments, Life Lessons, Travel experiences, Travel with kids | 1 comment


Hey guys,
Don’t judge me okay, I have wanted these for so long and I finally got them. Whenever I wear them I will forever be reminded of the glorious David Tennant as the 10th doctor! (Shhh, I was raised by nerds, but I wouldn’t want it any other way tbh.)


Anyway back to the traveling and stuff.
So this week has been very important for the Muslim people in Lombok. This week was the week that they celebrated a thing called EID (I think that’s how you spell it?…), since everyone is so flipping nice here we got invited to celebrate with Ana’s family in their little village.

To start off the day we woke up pretty early so that we could have breakfast before we went (this was extremely hard for me btw.), but since everyone wakes up at ungodly hours here to get things done before the heat strikes we didn’t get a chance for breakfast, in the end we were quite thankful for that though.

So it also turns out that Joli is Ana’s cousin, he picked us up and took us to the village. The second we walked in the door and meet Ana’s mum we were swarmed with food, like I’m not even joking! They walked out with like 10 different foods and we just sat there like, “thank god we didn’t get the chance for breakfast!”.
You see Ana’s mum is a chef so she cooks a lot, but there no denying that she is a very skill chef at that. They served us chip things, others chip things, sweet chip things, sticky rice stuff and SO much more!

After we had a decent chat with Ana and her mum, Ana took us to her husbands house, we got the meet her husband, sisters and children here. We sat on the floor and watched tv while eating MORE food and drinks that they served us until it was time for the sacrifice. You see during this traditional day they sacrifice animals to God and then share the meat out later on. Me being me I hate seeing animals hurt let alone killed, so of course I didn’t go and neither did mum. The boys left with Ana and we stayed and talked to Joli, well mum communicated with Joli through a translation app while I laughed at her and waved at the little kids that seemed fascinated by a tall white girl with long blonde hair sitting in their neighbours house.

Once the sacrifice was done the boys came back with just no emotions on their faces, so needless to say they didn’t exactly enjoy it. Although, even though they didn’t like it, they didn’t waste a second when they got back to start telling us the details much to my distaste.
Also when the boys came back they gave us even MORE food and drinks, at this point we were finding it hard to move thanks to all the food.

Once we finished up there we were escorted back to Ana’s mums house to have EVEN MORE food and drinks while having the opportunity to talk to all of Ana’s sisters and their kids. Ben and I ended up playing with an adorable little girl and have tickle wars, I’m pretty sure my heart melted at that point honestly. We also found out that one of Ana’s sisters is a reflexologist and mum and Ben ended up getting free massages out of it. (Keep in mind we did try to give them some money but they refused.) After having fun with all of them Joli had to get to a different celebration so he had to drop us home.

All in all we had an amazing time in an amazing place with amazing people. It was honestly such a great day and I had so much fun. Everyone is actually so nice here, it really makes us Australians seem like terrible people compared to them.

Well that’s all for now guys, talk to you next week, Bye!
-Tash Frost.

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    Wow Tash sounds like you had an amazing time Eid-al-ahad Festival. I wouldn’t have gone to the animal sacrifice either, but its understandable that the muslim people thank God for providing them the animals as a valuable food source for them. Do you think the boys will now turn vegetarian? What about you?

    I guess there are terrible and nice people all over the world, some more giving, kind and generous than others. But how lovely that you are experiencing the loving, kind and generous people of Lombok.

    Take care xx

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