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Driving to Paris

Driving to Paris

By on Jan 7, 2015 in France, Paris, Travel with kids | 2 comments


A few days ago we drove from St Nicolas De La Grave (near Toulouse) to Paris.  When we got in the car we didn’t know how to start it because it was an electric car, which was very quiet once we were on the move.

Our first stop was for the toilet, then drove a long way and stopped for a later lunch at MacDonalds.  I had a big mac, coke and french fries.  Then we were on the move again.

I started needing to go to the toilet and had to wait a long while.  Eventually we stopped at a shop were I could go to the toilet.  Then we drove into paris and to mums Uncle Carl’s, were we are staying.

Finally we went to sleep and the next day we got up and walked around a market where I bought some yogurt and then we came to Carl’s place.  After lunch we played soccer and basketball in the park which was fun.  Then we had dinner and I played the piano before bed.

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    Wow Seb I think you’re going to be the next Elton John!! 🙂 You’ll be a superstar with all this piano playing. Did you know there’s now a piano in the Mall in Launceston that anyone can play? I haven’t played it – I need you to teach me how to play 🙂 xx

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      Wow, a piano in the mall – maybe we’ll have to come home! Seb asked me to buy him a baby grand piano that we could travel with… mmm

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