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Designer cloths and scented candles. 

Designer cloths and scented candles. 

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Hey everyone, This week we’ve actually been doing some pretty cool stuff so I’ll finally have something to ramble on about. I’m pretty tired though so I’m not sure if any of this is going to make sense or if I can even stay awake long enough to write very much? 

Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 
Firstly I want to talk about Italian lessons! 

They’re really cool, I thought they were going to be slightly boring and drone on forever but they’re actually pretty enjoyable and seem to go by in a flash! 

We have a really great teacher who’s really good at explaining everything and she’s teaching us all really well. She comes twice a week and gives us homework in between lessons.  
You would usually just learn the words and phrases, you know, the basic stuff you need to get by but nooooo, she’s teaching us the basics but she’s doing it in a way so that if we want to continue and become fluent it’ll be a lot easier for us. 

Pretty much she’s teaching us the whole language, the grammar, the rules, the formal and informal, pretty much everything Italian learn in school. 

It’s been really fun so far and unexpectedly easy and I can’t wait for our next lesson! 
Next lets talk about business, as you all, know mum and dad are helping me start a business in which I sell Italian designer brands to people in Australia. 

Well mum and I had our first shopping trip for it. We went into Rome yesterday and pretty much just had an amazing girly day, filled with drinks, laughs and designer cloths. 
Instead of going to actually outlet stores on the first trip we decided to go check out the actual store and get a feel for what they sell. Let me tell you, I knew it wasn’t cheap, but these prices are ridiculous! Sure the cloths are pretty and made out of nice material and poor fluffy animals but that doesn’t mean you should sell it for that much money, I mean really!? 

A bag cost almost the same as a bloody down payment in a house! Where would you even take this bag? I wouldn’t even be able to take it out of the bag for the fear of spilling something on it or brushing it against a bush! 
Honestly I don’t get why people spend all that money but that doesn’t mean I won’t sell it to you all! Come my way with all your money, come come, I need more books and for that I need you to buy what I’m selling. 

So hopefully the discount stores will be more reasonably priced? 
Most of the day was spent hoping from one shop to another, being shadowed by employees (probably because we look so out of place) and getting drink when we were tired and needed a rest. 

Over all it was a really fun day with my mumma and I can’t wait till we go on our next trip to an actual outlet mall, should be fun. 🙂 
Mum, dad and I went to the mall the other day and it being us we ended up staying for like three hours in IKEA, okay don’t judge us for that. To Australian IKEA is like the equivalent of Narnia, I don’t know why but it’s pretty special. 
Oh and dad saw some Italian band live while mum and I were slaving away in the supermarket getting food to feed the flock. 

Ha, try and say that three times fast, food to feed the flock, food to feed the flock, food to feed the flock. I have no idea if you did it, good job if you did, you get an invisible bunny for your talent! 🙂
Well, I know I said we did some fun stuff but that pretty much all we did sooooo, I don’t know, I hope that was enough for you all? Thanks for reading I guess???? 
That’s all for now guys, talk again next week, Bye! 

-Tash Frost. 

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