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 Coming back  to Norwich

 Coming back  to Norwich

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When we got to Norwich we got out of the car and the dogs came and jumped on us.  Then we had a big talk out side with the owners (Charles and Sorrel) and then we went in side and had a drink while talking more. Ben and I went out side and played with the dogs and ran down in the paddock. The fun bit about the paddock now is that the grass is really long so we can run through it and have fun races. In the afternoon we had a yummy barbecue and a little fire. Then we went in side and played an addicting game with dominos (called chickens foot).

The next day we got up and had some breakfast and then went out to the park run. Ben, Mum, Dad and I went but Tash stayed at Holly Cottage to help with the horses.  When we finished we went back home and played around while Charles and Sorrel got ready to leave. Ben and I went back up to the paddock and had another race through it. Later in the afternoon I had to do my Minecraft camp for the rest of the day. In the evening we went and watched a move while playing the dominos game.

The next day I had to get up and feed the chickens and get the eggs. Then I went in side and had breakfast. After that I did some school work on my iPad. Then my daily challenge came up so I went on the computer and did the challenge. When I finished the challenge Ben had a play on Minecraft while I watched.

Just a reminder this house sit has 4 dogs,  6 horses, 2 cats (one died when we weren’t here), 9 chickens and 2 fish.

tash and lucy

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