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Castles and Forts

Castles and Forts

By on Jun 28, 2015 in Australia, Family, Travel experiences, Travel planning, Travel tips, Travel with kids, Traveling Office, Work and travel | 0 comments


So over the last few weeks we have been here we have been to and learnt about some castles and forts including Dover castle, Walmer castle and deal castle so I guess I will start with telling you about Dover castle. 

Duke William of Normandy built Dover castle in November 1066 and then later in the 1180s king Henry II rebuilt the castle to what it is today a very amazing peace of architecture that has lived for around about 934 years and is still standing strong and proud.

Walmer Castle was built by Henry VIII in 1540 and although it is titled by castle it is really a fortification apart of 4 others of similar designes. Walmer is quite a special place for it is where the duke of wellington passed away in his arm chair beside his bed. Walmer castle is also home to some amazing gardens including the queens mother garden which is a long stretch of lawn with a pond filled of tiny little frogs.



Deal Castle was also built by Henry VIII in 1540 due to Deal Castle also being one of the five forts along the coast of kent. deal castle has some very interesting architecture due to it being designed to look like a flower which i thought was very interesting.

Oh and by the way on a clear day you can see france from each of these castles/forts.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks weekly blog where I tell you about some of the cool things that happen in my life.

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