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Boring Week.

Boring Week.

By on Dec 10, 2014 in Bangkok, Travel with kids | 0 comments


Hey guys,
This week we really haven’t been doing much, well nothing at all really. We’ve been to some malls, visited way to many supermarkets and even seen some Christmas lights.
This week we have actually just been doing a lot of work and lounging around, mum and dad have been doing their stuff while the boys and I have just been doing, well nothing.

We have spent a lot of time down at the pool and gym though. We would just muck around on the gym equipment and then diving straight in the pool. We have been spending hours on end just swimming around playing games and having fun. Considering that we only have each other for company, we have to make do with each other, sure they’re annoying 80% of the time but I bet I’m just as annoying to them. The thing is though, me being the only girl out of us three, we sometimes have different views or ideas that causes conflict and fights and stuff, but seeing as I grew up with four boys and only two girls I’m very used to play fights and stupid little arguments.

Anyway, back to the trip.

We have also been going to a lot of supermarkets. Yeah, no, it’s not the funnest thing to do but mum and dad just keep taking us. They have this thing were they have to find their favourite supermarket which they will then go to repeatedly and buy everything from there.
They were also looking for a specific m&ms that they can only get at one supermarket so they keep going back there and getting multiple packs and then leaving them in the fridge for ages, when do eat them they don’t even share.

Apart from the pool and supermarkets we have actually gone and seen some awesome Christmas lights and decorations at some malls. They have had giant trees, presents, lights and even this big flower arrangement thing, although I’m not sure if that was for Christmas.
We have this thing where if mum and dad drag us out at night to see malls or lights or anything really, then they have to buy us ice cream. It’s a great little thing really, I mean we all get ice cream and get to see a whole heap of lights, it’s a win-win situation really.

Well, that’s all for now guys, sorry we haven’t been doing much lately, we have mostly been preparing for Christmas and France. We are all really excited for Europe, we actually leave in three days. I CAN’T WAIT OMG!

Okay, now this is really the end, talk again next week, Bye!
-Tash Frost.

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