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Blog Challenge – Day 4

Blog Challenge – Day 4

By on Jan 19, 2015 in Blogging, Life Hacking, Online Business, Traveling Office, Work and travel | 0 comments


Today is day 4 of the 15 day blog challenge and Natalie asked us to state what our biggest distraction is?  Her examples were the usual culprits – email, social media and the phone etc.

My main distraction from getting work done is actually the thing we’re out here doing – travelling, especially the ‘being a tourist’ part!  There are times when we don’t go out every day and instead spend time working, but having set out to travel the world we do have a certain pressure (we put on ourselves) to publish images every day…  This means finding things to take pictures of everyday.

In order to over come this we need to do as we started out and enforce our 2-3 days of work/school every week and 3-4 days of ‘looking around’!

On those days that we do call work days my biggest distraction is the common, being available all the time and having all the alerts going – On work days I will turn off all the alerts and nominate 2 times a day to check social media for 15 minutes each time and 30 minutes to catchup and answer email!

Fingers Crossed..

Maybe you too should think about being stricter with your social media available time if its taking over your life?

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