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Blog Challenge – Day 15 – Last Day

Blog Challenge – Day 15 – Last Day

By on Jan 30, 2015 in Blogging, Online Business | 0 comments


On the last day of the 15 day blog challenge we’ve been challenged to review the last 14 days and chose one day that we liked/enjoyed/gave us the most!

For me it was the day 14 challenge – being a tourist in your home town.  Its not the act of being a tourist that resonates with me, its taking time to enjoy the little things, its using your eyes to see the amazing things around you – no matter where you are!

As we’ve been traveling we make it an effort to take photos everyday.  On work days we don’t move too much and the subject matter can feel limited – and then I OPEN my eyes and really look around me, not just at the horizon but also at whats at my feet and whats above my head.  Some of my best images have been of very mundane things taken at interesting angles.

So I challenge everyone to really look around and notice the small joys life scatters around for us to notice or ignore.  Noticing these things will guarantee a smile on your face 🙂


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