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Blog Challenge – Day 1

Blog Challenge – Day 1

By on Jan 16, 2015 in Blogging, Life Hacking, Online Business, Work and travel | 0 comments


Ok, so I have decided to participate in the Natalie Sisson 15 day blog Challenge and this is day one.  We need to spell out our daily success plan and this is mine:

1 – Write down the 3 most important things I want to achieve next day – one of which will be to write in the blog.

2 – Go to sleep by 10.30pm

3 – Wake up around 6.30am – go for a run, ride, swim or gym work out (while listening to a podcast)

4 – Prepare and eat our main meal – we do things in reverse in our family (main meal at the beginning of the day)

5 – 15 minutes of yoga

6 – 30 minutes of blog writing

7 – 9.30am – 10am: Now I can answer emails and check facebook/twitter/instagram.

This is the start of my daily success plan and now just needs to be fitted in around 1 husband, 3 kids and a travelling lifestyle 🙂

Note: I must turn off all notifications and set an alarm to check email and social media just twice a day!

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Mum, wife, online geek girl, distance runner, adventurer etc. all rolled into one! My job is to make sure we all have clean clothes, food to eat and most importantly that we have a heap of awesome experiences to fill our memory banks!

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