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The best part of travel..

The best part of travel..

By on Jan 28, 2015 in Accommodation, Delenia, Favourite Spots, Greece, Location Independent Business, Travel experiences | 0 comments


This week we’ve found ourselves in a remoteish part of Greece.  In fact we’re not very far from Athens on an Island called Evia.  You can get here via a ferry or take a long drive and arrive via a bridge.  Unfortunately we had to take the bridge because the ferry was canceled due to poor weather.  However the drive was very nice because we got to see a lot of the countryside.

Thanks to an invite from Jodie and Nat from House Sitting World and the House Sitting Academy  , Delenia is the place we’ve landed on Evia.  The road down to Delenia is not for the faint hearted – its very narrow in places, with sharp drop offs  and a very slippery muddy surface (after rain).  Once you survive the road, the views are magnificent – amazing rock walls drop into the turquoise Aegean Sea.  Its just magic.

However, even better than the views and the peacefulness of this place, is the people we’ve met here.  This is the off season at Delenia and a perfect time to get a bunch of entrepreneurial house-sitters together to catchup and do a little brain storming!  Being travellers and house-sitters can be quite lonely, so being able to hang out with a bunch of other people living a similar “unconventional” life as you, is awesome!  We’ve shared food, stories, wine, ideas, laughs and even the flu (oops, sorry guys!) – best of all we’ve made new friends 🙂

Getting up to a postcard view each morning has just been a bonus…

For me, as usual, the best part of travel is the people you meet!




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