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Best Day Yet!  Love getting outside and exploring :)

Best Day Yet! Love getting outside and exploring :)

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Yesterday we had a fabulous day – I assume everyone in Up Sticks and Go crew will post about it ūüôā

Why was it so good?  We went for a full days bike ride, exploring the amazing Swan River from Perth to Fremantle and back to Perth Рa big circle really.

tash on a bike


The first half of our journey was on flat lovely bike paths right next to the river. ¬†There were amazing long vistas of the city on the other side of the river as well as the usual massive houses you find on many waterways, plus bridges and marinas. ¬†Surprisingly we also found our selves in a wet land at one stage, which was really cool with different bird and plants from the other areas we’d just ridden through.

We stopped at the magic Point Walter for a delicious chicken salad lunch which Simon had carried in his backpack! ¬†There is a fabulous looking sand spit at Point Walter which you can walk out on – we’ll have to go back and give this a go ūüôā

After an hour of lazing around and enjoying the sun and each others company (oh and a nice coffee ;-)) we got back on the bikes and headed towards Fremantle, confident we’d have plenty of time to get back to Perth by 5pm!

The second half of our journey was not exactly flat, nor was it entirely on bike paths! ¬†We realised that Simon had left the all important bike track map in the car, this didn’t matter when the paths were clear, but once we had to start using roads things became a bit more challenging. ¬†Luckily we had our smart phones with us and managed to find a copy of the map on the web, at which stage the challenge became interpreting it and google maps – i.e. where we were and where we should be .. not always the same place! ¬†LOL


Another challenge of the second half of our journey was the now undulating tracks we found ourselves on – Tash in particular had trouble not getting off and pushing up the hills..

The last challenging aspect of the second half was that by now¬†we had been riding for 5+ hours and we were getting tired¬†and bits of all of our body’s were¬†starting to feel it¬†– think bottoms ūüėČ

But to me these challenges made the second half of the journey even more awesome than the first!  The views where amazing, the kids were amazing, being outside and moving was amazing and the weather was amazing.  Really, whats not to love?

upsticks n go crew on bikes in perth

Its these times when you ask your body and/or your mind to go just that little bit further that you extend yourself and grow! ¬†We’re so proud of our kids, the second half yesterdays adventure had some physical challenges and they all rose to that challenge and extended themselves – we are one strong family! ūüôā

At the end of the day we had ridden for 6.5 hours and covered 53+ km of some of the most beautiful scenery Perth has to offer!  But most importantly we filled our memory banks up with an amazing experience, which we plan to repeat over and over again!

We would like to thank the good people at About Bike Hire, who kept the shop open for an extra 30 minutes because we were late returning our hired bikes!


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