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Back with Molly, Rex and Amy.

Back with Molly, Rex and Amy.

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On the first day we got here, we had a look around the garden which seemed much bigger than when we were here last.  There were also lots of big roses.  Then we went inside and had a look around and there was a few things that were different but not much.  After that we had dinner with the home owners (Karen and Enda) while the boys (Enda’s son and his friend) were coming here.  After dinner the boys got here and had some chicken. Then they played these cool instruments that you hit.  By then it was bed time so we went to bed.

The next day I got up 1st and went down to let the dogs out. While I was out the owner Karen came down stairs and we had some breakfast then Ben came down so Ben and I watched TV.  By the time the boys came down it was lunch time, so Ben and I had some lunch too.  Then they left and Ben, Dad and I watched some TV.  Then we went out and did some target practice out side.

Now to the dogs – they have 3 dogs and the names are in the title.

First is Molly. Molly is cute fluffy and is about 6 months old she loves running around out side and having a big pat.  When we first meet her in March, she was just 10 weeks old – she has grown a bit since then.

Second is Rex. Rex is soft and is about 8 years old and love having a walk, stealing shoes and loves holding sticks.

Third is Amy. Amy is a big dog (Golden Retriever) with soft hair and is about 8 as well and she like lots of pats and playing around.

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