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Back in Tassie

Back in Tassie

By on Nov 11, 2015 in Australia, Blogging, Travel with kids | 0 comments


After having 2 car crashes in Italy we had to come back to Tassie because mum and dad got quite stressed.  So we booked tickets For the flights. And left about 3 days later.

On the first flight I watched 1 movie and played a few games. On the second flight which went for 13 hours I watched a few movies then I went to sleep for like 30 mins and I then I got up and played some games and watched some more movies.  After that I went back to sleep again, for about 30 mins -> so for the next 9 hours I just kept watching movies then playing games and then falling back to sleep.

But when it finely finished we got of the plane and the next thing we realised was that we were so close to Tassie!  It was just 1 hour away BUT we had to wait a whole 11 hours in the airport!!!  I mean, like we had just survived a whole 13 hour flight.

So, I’m just like dead sleeping on the floor in the airport – I managed another 30 min sleep.  When I woke up I was still just so tired – we booked our bags into the next flight.  Then we met up with my Aunty and had lunch with her which was nice.  After she went back to work we found somewhere to sit down for the next 4 hours!

When we got on the plane we went up then down and we were in Tassie – yay.  We met some of our family at the airport and said hi and stuff.  They drove us to Nans and we fell asleep and when we woke up we looked at the time and I was like what!!! Cause it was 1:00…. Wait for it….. Pm!!

Lot more stuff happened and then we went down to the shack and that’s were I am now – at the beach 🙂

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