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Back Home Yay!

Back Home Yay!

By on Nov 6, 2015 in Travel tips, Work and travel | 0 comments


So recently we decided to come home back to Australia to see our family and friends and settle down for a while, which is what we are doing right now in a beach shack at Greens Beach, where it is also turning into summer, so it will be nice and warm – great for swimming and great for relaxing!

After a long trip back home from Italy to Abu Dhabi in 6 hours and waiting there for 4 hours then taking a 13 hour flight to Melbourne and then waiting there 11 hours then 1 hour flight down to Launceston – we were very tired.

But it feels great to be back in Tassie near my friends and family and everything I know.

We have our dog Tiger back – he’s great and its almost like we didn’t go away – we’re playing ball with him and taking him for lots of walks on the beach!

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blog see you later.

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