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Asking for help – you can’t do it all yourself … really!

Asking for help – you can’t do it all yourself … really!

By on Nov 4, 2014 in Hanoi, Life Hacking, Life Lessons, Marketing Lessons | 1 comment


Hows things?  I hear the weather in Tassie (for those of you in Tassie) has been pretty rough over the last week?  If it makes you feel any better, its poured with rain in Da Nang, Vietnam over the last 24 hours 🙂

This is another marketing lesson from the road – while we’re travelling we’ve been keeping our eyes open for business ideas/lessons that happen around us.  Its amazing how changing your surroundings makes you focus outside your business (theres a lesson there :-)).

Today, I just wanted to reflect on our experience organising Simon’s 50th in Hanoi last week.

A 50th is a big deal and the pressure was on (me mostly) to organise some thing significant to reflect this milestone. So here I was in a city I didn’t know (only 4 days in Hanoi), surrounded by people who speak another language, trying to run a business and keep 3 children occupied…  There was no way I could do this all by myself!

I was left with no option but to ask for help!  This is where the BC Family Tour group came in handy – they had booked our accommodation for us and shown us around Hanoi already, so I asked them.  Luckily for me they took it on as a challenge and created a game around the Hanoi Old Quarter – amazing race style.  We split into two groups – Simon with our daughter Natasha and I had our two boys (Ben and Seb).  Plus we both had a BC Family member to help translate etc.

amazing race - hanoi

We had an amazing experience running through the streets, answering questions, solving puzzles and completing challenges!  The race ended at a gorgeous restaurant that had the biggest buffet we’ve ever seen, an amazing cake and 12 people (like rent a crowd) from the BC Family to celebrate Simon’s big day!  

If I hadn’t asked for help Simon’s 50th may of just ticked by without too much fuss (which we didn’t want), but now he has some fantastic memories (and pictures and videos) of the day he turned 50 in Hanoi, Vietnam!

What does this have to do with running a business (or life for that matter)?

Simple really – no one can run a business with out help!  Too many people start their businesses and expect to do everything themselves – they don’t like to ask anyone for help, after-all the business is their baby, no-one else can do it like them!

The reality is for your business to become successful you will need help – help with your books, help with your marketing, help with your distribution, help with your production, help with your planning, help with your organisation, help with your research – this list goes on and on..  

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a solo entrepreneur or a sole trader – but in order to grow your business you will need the help of others.  Be prepared to ask for help and your business will grow in leaps and bounds, possibly in directions you could never of imagined (like the Amazing Race Hanoi :-)).

Help can come in all shapes and sizes – sometimes its just a sounding board that you need!  Pick up the phone or send an email today and start exploring your businesses future! 

I hope this blog post has given you some “food for thought”?  If so, we’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment below 🙂


P.S. Of course the Michon Business Coaching is a great place to ask questions and get help growing your business online…  Why not check it out if this is where you need help right now?

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    I have learned something from your post! Thanks a lot Mrs. Michelle! And it sure brings backs sweet(sweat) memory of the Amazing Race, too!

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