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Alessandria Italy to Ferrada Italy

Alessandria Italy to Ferrada Italy

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August 15 Day Six Alessandria Italy to Ferrada Italy

Simon's feeling for the day


Italian Country Side

Swimming in the Mediterranean at Recco

  • Warm water 

Driving on windy Italian Roads


Stoned beaches with barnacles = cut feet

Very murky water

Very steep edges without guard rails

Italian tailgating - worst country so far for riding your bumper 

Witch daughter who manage to block every attempt we made to see Alessandra Citadel.   


To go over night camping in Italian high land. Place looks beautiful and very mountainous 

Mediteranian italian coast
Forshore Recco
Ferrada hills

Michelle's take on the day


 We went swimming!

Today we drove through a heap of amazing hillside villages - I have no idea how people live in these places - they must be half mountain goat!

After getting to our hostel early we decided to drive down to the ocean (to a village called Recco) only about 30 minutes away, so we could have a swim.  Turned out the road was very steep, very windy and with very few guard rails - I closed my eyes a lot!  The swim in the ocean was awesome though and worth the adeneline to get there.  I found a less stressful way back to our hostel 🙂

Closed my eyes a lot

There was nothing very bad about today accept the extremely steep and unsafe roads we went on to get to the beach!  However I survived (mostly with my eyes closed) and the boys love it!


Love to explore the coast line

In the future I'd love to come back to this area and explore the coastline - I believe there are some amazing colourful seaside villages in the area!

Natasha's whine for the day


More books!

The best bit of today was finishing my book, it was a tad bit confusing at the end and I'm still a bit suspicious about it but it was still an amazing book. I also went online to find the other five books in the series so that I can buy them and lock my self away for a week or two to just get lost in the world of book. Another pro was that I've started the hunger games series now so. That should be good. 

Car Sick 🙁

The worst bit about today was I got car sick. Now, I don't usually get car sick, actually it's very rare. I can usually read while we are going through windy road and up curvy mountain raids, but not today. Today I ended up feeling really sick from the windy ness and reading unfortunately, that resulted in me being grumpy and shouting some and whining and complaining (sorry parentals) and I ended up just resting in bed when we got to the hostel. 

I really didn't come out of the room much, all the others went out swimming but I really didn't feel up for it so I stayed in bed. At least I finished my book and started the next on. 🙂

See these mountains again!

Welllllll, I would really like to come back through these mountains some day and not get car sick, that'd be great. 

Also I really want the other books in the series, I need to find out what happens! 

Oh and I would have loved to go swimming with everyone, so that better go on the list. 

Mons Grand Place
Underpass in Mons

Benjamin has his say


Swimming in the Mediterranean

What I liked about today was going swimming in the Mediterranean, it wasn't nearly as cold as last time we did in Spain in February!


What I didn't like about today was when I stubbed my little toe so hard the tip of it came right off.

Love the steep roads

What I would like to do again is go up another really steep hill in the car and see all of the big views again.

Seb's Thoughts


Warm Water

I loved going swimming in the water because it was very warm and had nice waves to body surf on.


I didn't like that there were lots of rocks in the water and on the beach.


More swimming at the beach

I want to go back to the beach soon and have a better and longer swim.

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