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A return to Norwich

A return to Norwich

By on Jun 7, 2015 in House Sitting, Norwich, Travel experiences | 0 comments


This week has seen us return to the first house-sit we did in the UK – Holly Cottage in Norwich 🙂

This is the first return house sit we’ve done and it’s lovely.  Being asked back of course is very nice – means we did the job well the first time around!  We’re also finding it rather relaxing because we know the routine here – we know when to feed the dogs, cats, chickens and horses – we know where everything is kept and I even remembered how to turn the tricky oven on 🙂

We also got to spend the first 24 hours here with the owners and like all our owners, they are now friends!  It was lovely to be able to take advantage of the suddenly warmer weather in the UK and have a BBQ with them and a long chat/catchup, before they headed off for their holiday.

We’re in the UK until August and pretty much booked up house sitting wise, with only one of the 4 remaining British housesits being for someone we’ve not meet yet!  Its such a nice feeling to return to a house, owners and of course their fabulous pets (who all seem to remember us!) to hangout.

We’ve also found in the first few days back in Norwich that getting around and even exploring places we hadn’t been yet has been great – we don’t have that awkward few days trying to orientate ourselves to our new community – we know where the supermarket is.  As we’ve explored Norwich in the last 2 days we’ve even discovered a number of streets and shop we’d ‘missed’ last time we were here!

If you do get a chance to visit Norwich, its very pretty and well worth a visit.  There are so many churches here, least of all the Norwich Cathedral – we’re planning a trip to check out the Peregrine Falcons that are almost ready to fly!  Why not go and have a look at the live feed from the nest way up high before they fly away this year? Norwich Peregrines

We have a week here before we head off to hopefully, sunny Dover for our next house sit and we plan to explore some more 🙂


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