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8 reasons you may not be cut out to travel indefinitely

8 reasons you may not be cut out to travel indefinitely

By on Mar 28, 2015 in Location Independent Business, Online Business, Work and travel | 0 comments


Our original plan was to travel for 12 months, once we were on the road that seemed like such a small amount of time!  I have no idea how people go on holiday to a new place for just a week?

So now our plan has been revised to 18 months.  Simon would travel indefinitely if the kids would let him.

Being sort of homeless while we endlessly travel the world got me thinking about why people decide to live a life of indefinite travel.

Many people think this means a life of freedom – freedom to choose where to wake up each day, freedom to not participate in everyday stuff ‘normal’ lives are full of.  But once you’re out here other things become important, like things you take for granted at home!

upstick and go at eiffel tower

Some of these things could be deal breakers – so before you book your flights, sell all your stuff and cancel your power bill you should check out the following 8 reasons you may not be cut out to travel indefinitely, then at least you’ll know and you can get on with your life:

1 – You can’t live with out Internet 24 hours a day – there are many places in the world where the internet is intermittent at best, even in developed countries.

2 – You have no way to make money while you travel – most people can’t live off savings indefinitely, set up money streams before you leave home.

3 – Changing routines every few weeks would do your head in – thats the whole point of travel – things change (all the time)!

4 – if you expect to find your exact brand of Twinkies or Vegemite (insert your favourite local cuisine) – trying different food is half the fun of travel

5 – Expect to always be able to find western standard medical services – there are some places that’s just not available.

6 – You suffer from crippling homesickness when you go away for the weekend – stay home or see a hypnotist 

7 – You think you’ll be able to stay just as fit as you were at home – running most days just isn’t feasible is some places.

8 – You hate it if you have to explain what you want more than once – not everyone one will speak your language or understand your accent

If none of the above is a problem for you and if most of those things actually excite you, indefinite travel may well be on your horizon if you want it 🙂

michelles webinar in a tent

There are so many unexpected things when you travel long term that we searched for and found someone we could learn from, someone who’s done this whole work and travel thing for years!  After all we’d rather learn from other people’s mistakes than make millions ourselves (mind you we have made a ton any way – still insisting on learning things the hard way!).

The person who has inspired us and kept us going thanks to her incredible advice is Natalie Sisson – she’s been traveling the world for years while she runs her business – she is a Kiwi – but we won’t hold that against her :). Online Natalie is known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur

Before you pack your bags and hit the road I strongly recommend you check out Natalie’s blog, pod cast and pick up her fantastic book (The Suitcase Entrepreneur).

And if you’re really serious about exploring the world and living on your own terms, I’d sign up for Natalie’s up coming Freedom plan!  This is perfect timing for you because you can get on the early bird list and be one of the first to sign up – registration opens mid April and the course starts at the beginning of May!

Last years Freedom Plan was a massive success, helping loads of people find freedom in their lives!  Anyway we’ve already put our names on the early bird list, hope we’ll see you there too, planning your future freedom!

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