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7 tips for traveling with kids in Lombok if you’re on a budget

7 tips for traveling with kids in Lombok if you’re on a budget

By on Oct 6, 2014 in Travel and food, Travel experiences, Travel planning, Travel tips, Travel with kids | 2 comments


We’ve decided to start making lists to help people when travelling like us!  This post is all about how to travel in Lombok with kids and not spend a fortune.  Of course travelling in Asia is generally cheaper than many other places but there are still plenty of ways to make your dollar go just that little bit further!  Here are a few that we’ve picked up while in Lombok:

– Rent a house for 2 to 4 weeks.  Much cheaper than hotels – its cost us about $33 a night and the kids have made local friends.  This may also be a more authentic experience.

– Feed the kids a big meal in the morning on a road stall (warung) – you can get a serving of nasi goreng  for about $1.  I can’t make breakfast for that.

– Bluebird taxis are cheaper than private cars – even cheaper than the little buses if there are 4+ people in your group.

– Traveling to the Gili Islands – its cheaper to get a taxi (or agree on a price before hand with a car driver) to get from Senggigi to the Bangsai port where the public ferry waits you.  In Senggigi there are heaps of people offering to take you to the port and over to the island on a fast boat for almost double a taxi/car and the public boat costs.  The public boat can be a little crowded but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip over with the locals!

– If your family likes to snorkel bring your own, you’ll get heaps of use our of them here and you won’t have to rent them every day.

– Maybe bring a couple of towels too as they aren’t cheap here – especially if you’re not staying in a hotel.

– Do not change your money in Australia (or your home country) before you come out here.  We lost about $250 by changing our money in Australia before we got here!  Of Course you should check for yourself – but don’t just get it changed at the airport as you leave – not if you’re on a budget.

– Bonus tip – learn to bargain, you will be surprised how low they will go – we discovered a number of times that they have a price for the tourists and a price for the locals – way way different…


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    hi..i am planning a family vacation to Lombok,,just wondering is food and water expensive there? how much would be a good budget for a family of 4 for 3days in lombok?

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      Hi Rebecca, Great question!
      Food in Lombok is not expensive at all, In fact if you’re prepared to eat where the locals eat, you can eat for as little as $1 each and then add another $1 for drinks.. Often all 5 of us ate and drank for $10 a meal in total!

      Water is also not expensive at all and available every where.. A good budget with a bit to move would be about $40 a day – just depends on your tastes etc.

      Hope that helps?

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