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167 recipes in my pocket

167 recipes in my pocket

By on May 5, 2014 in Life Lessons, Packing, Tasmanian House, Tech Tips, Travel planning | 0 comments


Today I emptied the recipe book cupboard, which took a little bit of time because there were quite a few books in there!  It also took a bit of time because I was taking photos of those recipes that we want to have access to while we travel.  Flicking through the books was like a trip down a culinary memory lane – there were recipes in there that I had completely forgotten about but can’t wait to make again now, plus others that made me smile as I remembered the last time I made them.

Cook books - evernote upsticksngo

You might be wondering how I will manage all these recipes (167 at last count)?  Well I have this nifty app for my iPhone and iPad (plus theres a website), its called Evernote.  You may have heard about, its an amazing tool that can be used for so many things, not just recipes!  There is a very good free version but in the paid version you get the OCR function – this means that when I take a photo of text, Evernote can read that text and send me the results when I do a search for some thing.  As a business tool this is a great way to store business cards which you can then search electronically!

Evernote will also sync across my iPhone, my iPad and my computer – I love this.  When I’m in the supermarket I can pull a recipe up and check that I have not forgotten any ingredient, for example.  Of course many of us use Google to find recipes, but theres still some thing about special “family” favourites that you make over and over again – Evernote is storing 167 of my families favourites, including my nan’s Christmas pudding!

In 47 days we leave Tassie for at least 15 months and I’m happy to say I won’t have to be scratching my head to remember any of the ingredients in the families favourite because recipes – I’ll have all 167 of them in my pocket!

Go check out Evernote – you’ll be glad you did!  I’m off to the kitchen now  😀


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