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My 11th birthday in Bangkok

My 11th birthday in Bangkok

By on Dec 3, 2014 in Bangkok, Favourite travel moments, Travel experiences, Travel with kids | 2 comments


A few day ago we went to Siam Park City for my 11th birthday.

When we got there, first we went straight to the boomerang, that was really cool – Tash and Ben had a turn on that.  Then we went to the Spider man and that made you feel sick.  After that we went to the Grand Canyon ride – it didn’t go upside down, it just went around sharp corners pretty fast.

The wave pool with mum and dad was next and it was fun.  Mum, Dad and I then went on a water slide that was very steep – when you went down it you had to close your eyes because the water was spraying in them.  Next we went on the not so fast tube water slide – this was fun because dad, mum and I would race each other down.

The next ride I went on with mum and dad was the log ride (log flume), this is very similar to the wild west ride we went on in Wet and Wild.  It was a lot of fun.  After this it was a balloon race ride which was fun because you spin around and tilt at the same time.

Finally we got to got on the log ride again before the park closed.  After the park closed we went back to our hotel and had some delicious birthday cake!  YUM…

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    So glad you had a very special day for your birthday at the Siam Park!! I like the sound of all the water rides – they sound awesome!! Not so much the roller coasters or ones with big drops – I think I’d feel sick!! Love Bev xxx

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      Seb doesn’t like the big drops or extreme roller coasters either!

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